Our mission is to enable students of all ages to develop to their fullest potential through assessments and educational interventions that address the students’ underlying individual cognitive and perceptual deficits.

arrowsWHO WE ARE

Edison Learning Centre offers Educational Interventions With a Difference. The brain has been found to have neuroplastic qualities which allows it to change and grow through targeted therapies.

Our Assessments and Consultations help you understand your child, and provide:

  • an understanding of how a student learns
  • summary of their strengths and weaknesses
  • recommendations for interventions that will address their specific needs

All of the interventions offered have a track record of changing the underlying challenges that affect learning issues. Using checklists, informal and standardized testing and computerized tracking programs, our therapies document an individual’s progress.

Thank you for your love and care. I appreciate so much knowing our son will be receiving the help he needs. You made all of this happen in a caring yet very professional way.                                                                                      — Parent


Trix Bradley is the founder and owner of Edison Learning Centre. A qualified psychometrist and special education teacher, she holds a degree in psychology, education and a graduate degree in testing and assessment. As an educational consultant Trix has been working with children and adults with challenges for over 30 years and is particularly interested in educational interventions that are brain based and offer a holistic perspective. Currently she is a certified NILD Educational Therapy instructor and teaches parents and teachers how to work with students with learning disabilities. Trix is also a certified provider of Integrated Listening Systems, Interactive Metronome and Forbrain. Trix’s passion is equipping students with learning difficulties to reach their full potential.