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Feeling confused and needing answers?

Trix Bradley has 30+ years of educational experience and offers her expertise to families and individuals, helping them understand how they or their child learns.

Once overwhelmed by the complexity of each of my struggling learners and the many intervention options available, I now have a plan and my children are making progress.  Thank you, Edison Learning Centre for the invaluable direction and support you provided me through this maze!   — Heather W.

Educational consultations are available to assist parents and individuals in determining solutions to learning issues and finding programs which best address the needs of the student. A consultation will guide the family or individual to develop a workable plan to implement learning solutions.

If parents or individuals already have an assessment, booking a consultation will help you:

  • to understand your assessment
  • to determine what are the next steps available
  • to choose programs/interventions specifically for yourself or child.

A consultation will help answer these questions:

  • Where do I begin?
  • What do I do next?

Accommodations and modifications are discussed in terms of how they benefit the student and their availability in the learning situation. Guidance is given as to how to communicate with the student’s teacher(s) so that the student has the support and interventions necessary.

Up until meeting with Trix Bradley, I always doubted myself that our troubles with our son were somehow my fault. No one [else] seemed to understand, but [with Trix] my points were validated, understood and explained to me during the consultation and I was re-assured that the interventions they offered would make a difference.    — Dianne L. (Parent)

During the consultation parents and individuals are guided through the particulars of the report and recommended programs/interventions. Priorities are established so that parents and individuals are able to make the best choices for their situation.

Consultation fees are based on an hourly rate.

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