Another program offered is iLs (The Integrated Listening System) which is a an auditory and sensory driven system used to improve brain function based on the work of Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis, the originator of the field of listening and sound therapy.

iLs programs effectively retrain parts of the brain involved in learning, communicating and moving. It combines music that has been specially filtered with specific visual and balance activities. Through the music and movement therapy iLs can strengthen neurological pathways thereby improving the ability to learn and to process information.

In the beginning I was surfing the internet for any information for alternative methods to treat Asperger’s. I made the call, set up a consultation and our journey began. It was a journey that has been the ‘best thing that has happened to us!’ Persistence and patience [has] paid off!  

We stuck with Edison Learning Centre for several years and we graduated from iLs to Interactive Metronome. My son is doing very well. His sensitivities have lessened dramatically, and learning has become easier for him. He is now ready to enter high school!

Our journey has given the opportunity for not only us, his parents, but also my son to understand his challenges.  He has become very good at managing them in order to cope in every day life.  I could not imagine what life would be like had we not learned about and underwent this type of intervention.    — Dianne L. (Parent)

iLs listening programs vary from 25-40 hours of listening. Sessions are typically 30 to 60 minutes in length, with a frequency schedule of 3 (3 hours) per week.

Another product from iLs is the Dreampad pillow which delivers music through a gentle, calming vibration which you can hear through your pillow. Listening to the enhanced music brings about a relaxation response which has been described as a “massage to the nervous system”,  known to help reduce stress, improve sleep (falling asleep and staying asleep) and decrease sensory hypersensitivity.

iLs Programs are most often used to improve the following concerns:

  • Learning challenges – reading, writing, cognitive skills
  • Sensory Processing challenges
  • Developmental delays (Autism, Down Syndrome, etc.)
  • Stress, Anxiety and Sleep-related problems

To understand more how iLs programs work, watch this video to hear Dr. Minson, the founder of iLs describe this program.

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