A unique and comprehensive therapy that we highly recommend is NILD Educational Therapy (National Institute for Learning Development).

NILD Educational Therapy can fundamentally change the way a person thinks, so that he or she can become a successful learner working at their potential.

NILD’s therapists provide individualized and intensive intervention, teaching ‘how to learn’ rather than ‘what to learn’. The techniques of NILD Educational Therapy help to re-train the brain and stimulate areas of weakness including:

social Processing
folder Memory
tool Attention
volume-up-interface-symbol Oral and Written Language
school Reading
interface Spelling
check Math
square Handwriting

Potential students for this program are those experiencing obvious frustration in areas of school performance. Poor spelling, illegible handwriting, inability to express thoughts verbally or in writing, and difficulty with reading and math are common indicators of a need for NILD Educational Therapy.

NILD Educational Therapy sessions are usually 80 minutes in length, with a frequency of two times per week. These sessions include a variety of techniques that are designed to address the student’s specific areas of difficulty. With a combined neurodevelopmental and cognitive approach, students will improve their ability to think more clearly as well as improve their test scores.

“We, at NILD Canada, are so grateful for all that Trix Bradley has done for struggling students in the past 25 years! As a tester, Trix covers many angles and carefully considers the students abilities and needs. Her psycho-educational assessments are thorough and extremely informative for parents, teachers and our NILD Educational Therapists.”

Mary-Lou Maclean, Executive Director, NILD Canada

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